Below are sources of documentation regarding Carbs Linux and tools surrounding it.

User Manual

Carbs Linux User Manual aims to be a general-purpose explanation of the distribution, from the installation steps to the style guide of the project. It can be accessed or otherwise obtained with various methods:


You can view the Manual from your browser. The Manual can be viewed as

Plain text

You can download carbslinux.txt in order to view the Manual from your preferred pager.

curl -LO
less carbslinux.txt


You can install the carbs-docs package and either texinfo or info packages to view the Manual offline.

cpt bi info carbs-docs
info carbslinux


You can also acquire the source for generating the Manual, which requires emacs for exporting the Org-mode documentation and texinfo for generating html/info pages.

git clone git://

Installation Instructions

Installation Manual is part of the User Manual, but it can also be obtained separately:

Carbs Packaging Tools

The user manual for CPT is not complete yet, but will be released with the 6.0.0 release. You can see the repository in order to check its status.