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4 Packaging System

A package is a directory formed of several files, from these files, only build, checksums, and version files are mandatory.

This section talks about files that are interpreted specially by the package manager. Any other file can be added to the package directory at the discretion of the package maintainer. Everything in the package directory will also be added to the package database that is located on ‘/var/db/cpt/installed’. These can be patches, configuration files, etc.

Below is a table that provides a small summary for each file, see the relevant section to learn detailed information on each of them.

checksumsgenerated by ‘cpt-checksumnono
metakey-value pairs as in RFC8221nono2
dependscustom formatnono
sourcescustom formatnono
versioncustom formatnoyes




Not mandatory for the packaging system, but mandatory for inclusion in the repositories