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2 Usage

cpt’ is formed of many tools combined in a single environment, similar to ‘git’. When you run ‘cpt’ without any arguments, it will show all available tools and their explanations. Here is an example call with extra scripts on my system:

-> Carbs Packaging Tool
-> add               Commit the current directory as a new package
-> alternatives      List and swap to alternatives
-> build             Build a package
-> bump              Commit the current directory as a version bump
-> cargo-urlgen      Create static cargo sources for Rust packages
-> cargolock-urlgen  Convert the given Cargo.lock file to sources
-> cat               Concatanate package files in the installed package database
-> changelog         Print the git log of the specific package
-> chbuild           Create/destroy temporary chroots
-> checkmissing      Verify package manifests
-> checksum          Generate checksums
-> chroot            Enter a chroot
-> commit            Commit a package without the prefix of 'package:'
-> depends           Display a package's dependencies
-> download          Download sources for the given package
-> exec              Execute a command inside the alternatives system
-> export            Turn an installed package into a CPT tarball
-> fork              Fork a package to the current directory
-> getchoice         Prints the full path to a file in the alternatives system.
-> install           Install a package
-> link              Link a forked package's files to the other repository
-> list              List installed packages
-> maintainer        Find the maintainer of a package
-> manifest          Display all files owned by a package
-> manifest-tree     Display all files owned by a package with a tree view
-> new               Create a boilerplate CPT package
-> orphans           List orphaned packages
-> owns              Check which package owns a file
-> rel               Bump the release number of a package
-> remove            Remove a package
-> repodepends       Display a package's dependencies in the repository
-> reporevdepends    Display packages on the repository which depend on package
-> reset             Remove all packages except for the base
-> revdepends        Display packages which depend on package
-> search            Search for a package
-> size              Show the size on disk for a package
-> source            Extract sources of a given package to the current directory
-> update            Check for updates

The documentation of ‘cpt’ aims to keep tool flags and related usage information on concise manual pages, while moving the rest of the information to this User Manual to avoid unwarranted duplication. To learn more on a specific usage of a tool, use the man program:

man cpt-build

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