Carbs Linux - a simple busybox linux distribution

Switching to Sinit

Carbs Linux runs busybox-init by default. You can switch to anything else you desire, but only busybox-init and sinit are officially supported. Switching to sinit is extremely easy, you can be up and running within minutes. The only “hard” requirement is an environment you will be chrooting in. So, let’s begin!

Preparing your environment

From your other environment, download the kiss-chroot utility and make it executable.

$ wget
$ chmod +x kiss-chroot

# From your environment start the chroot
$ kiss-chroot /mnt

Removing busybox-init

Now that we are in chroot environment, let’s remove busybox-init.

$ kiss r busybox-init

Installing and configuring sinit

Build and install sinit

$ kiss b sinit
$ kiss i sinit

Open up your /etc/init/rc.conf now and uncomment the variables regarding SINIT. You are ready now.

If you edited your inittab, make sure you reflect your changes on the /etc/init/sinit-launch-services.boot file.

Finishing up

If all of the above is done, simply exit the chroot and reboot. Sinit should be functioning without any issues.

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