Carbs Linux - a simple busybox linux distribution

Installing and Using Keymaps

Unlike most other distributions out there Carbs Linux does not come preinstalled with console keys. You probably won’t be using more than two either. There are two ways of using keymaps

Installing the “bkeymaps” package

You can get the bkeymaps package from the KISS community repository.

Build and install bkeymaps.

-> kiss b bkeymaps
-> kiss i bkeymaps

Now you can find the keymaps in /usr/share/bkeymaps.

Downloading the keymaps you require

This will assume that you are using the us keyboard layout

You firstly will need to go to and download the keymap you need

Loading keymap, doing it on login/boot

Load keymap at login

If you want to load a keymap at login, you can add the command above to your .profile file.

Load keymap at boot

You can also load keymap during boot. You should edit /lib/init/rc.boot file and add something like

# assuming you are using trq as your keymap
log "Setting keymap to trq..."; {
    loadkmap < /path/to/trq.bmap

to your main function.

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