Carbs Linux

Outsource Repository Concept

posted on Apr 10, 2020

In April 3rd, I have added submodule support for Carbs Linux's fork of kiss. Now, from that sentence, it really doesn't sound exciting at all. But in reality, it opens a path to lots of creative output, and a better way to manage multi-user repositories (such as KISS Community).

When managing a repository of submodules, the repository maintainer's only job is to deal with adding packages. A package maintainer doesn't have to wait for the repository maintainer to update their packages, as they are only making the changes to their own repositories.

This way, an end-user can also track from their preferred maintainers, and do that with the tidyness of a single repository in their KISS_PATH.

Carbs Linux now has an outsource repository for some packages. Firefox and its dependencies have been purged from the main repository, but can be found on it.