Carbs Linux

Carbs Linux is a source-based Linux® distribution that aims to be simple, flexible and extensible while staying as pragmatic and practical as possible. The system can consist of as much or as little as its user can intend to.

Package Manager

Carbs Linux uses its own package manager Carbs Packaging Tools, a POSIX shell package manager forked from KISS with the tool-based approach of xbps. Its aim is to deliver easy-to-use tools while also providing a powerful POSIX shell library that can be used to further extend and script the packaging system.

Small base

By default, Carbs Linux comes with busybox for coreutils, libressl for its crypto library, musl libc, and other basic utilities that are required for building new software. The majority of the base packages are statically linked.

Multiple Init Support

Carbs Linux has support for multiple init systems and service supervisors. In the main repository are

for init systems, and

for service supervisors. The carbs-init package is the collection of init scripts that ensure the interoperability of these init and service systems, and make it easier for the user to switch to their preferred combinations of system supervision.

Nothing holds you back, however, from ditching any of these and packaging some other system supervision technique along with your own init scripts.

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May 22, 2021

The IRC channel '#carbslinux' has moved to

Apr 06, 2021

A new rootfs tarball has been released, but the signature verification method has been switched to signify(1) from GnuPG. The latest public key can be retrieved from Many distributions provide the signify tool, and Carbs Linux provides it by either the signify or the otools packages. Installation instructions and the user manual will be updated tomorrow to reflect upon this change.

Apr 01, 2021

After long consideration, Carbs Linux has again switched from BearSSL to LibreSSL for good.

Mar 08, 2021

Our Git repositories are back up, and you can switch your remotes back to them, if that's your preferred method.

Mar 04, 2021

Our own git server might stay outdated as it is switching to the new server. Outages should be expected until the end of this week. You can temporarily switch to the mirrors on Sourcehut to avoid repository issues.