Carbs Linux - a simple busybox linux distribution

Carbs Linux is an in-development Linux® distribution with a suckless mindset. The base system consists of only the necessary programs to create a Linux distribution.

Package Manager

Carbs Linux uses its own fork of the kiss package manager which is an extremely flexible package manager.

Small base

By default, Carbs Linux comes with busybox for coreutils, bearssl for its crypto library, musl libc, and other basic utilities that are required for building new software. The majority of the base packages are statically linked.

Multiple Init Support

Carbs Linux has support for multiple init systems and service supervisors. In the main repository are

for init systems, and

for service supervisors. The carbs-init package is the collection of init scripts that ensure the interoperability of these init and service systems, and make it easier for the user to switch to their preferred combinations of system supervision.

Nothing holds you back, however, from ditching any of these and packaging some other system supervision technique along with your own init scripts.



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Jun 17 2020

A new rootfs tarball including the changes to the core is released and can be found on the downloads page.

May 26 2020

An initial version for binary package management is released. It can be found on the GitHub page.

May 19 2020

A rootfs tarball targeting the i686 architecture has been released. It can be found on the downloads page

May 10 2020

A GCC 10.1.0 change causes a kernel panic for kernels built with GCC 10.1. This issue can be resolved by applying this patch to your kernel sources.

Apr 27 2020

A new rootfs tarball has been released! You can see it on!

EDIT: A new bug fix release has been made.

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