Carbs Linux

Roadmap for Carbs

posted on Apr 06, 2020

It has been a busy week. There are lots of changes in direction, and more to come. I want to talk a little about all of them.

Carbs Linux Server Going Down

It became harder to maintain and pay for the server, and I will be shutting it down in May. I am currently in the phase of carrying over everything to Github. The repository and the website is served on Github now. I have also moved the Wiki to Github and anyone can edit it there. There are some outdated posts that I will be fixing around this week.

I am not quite sure where to store the downloads page now. But I will be switching that to a new source as well. (Maybe SourceHut?)

I feel a little sad for switching, but serving on Github is faster, cheaper, and hassle-free.

Forking KISS

I had a personal fork of KISS, which I enjoyed thoroughly. I didn't intend to make it the default when I started it, but it has matured enough to be so. The package manager can now be found on this repository. See it for the added changes.

This will be a change for the better, as I can develop the package manager as it fits my views.

Small Changes on the Website

I have made some small changes on the website. The build is not dependent on Plan9 utilities anymore. It was fun messing around with rc and mk, but they are quite limited compared to POSIX shell.

RSS feeds are finally working as intended, both for the news section, and the blog section.

You can see every page's .txt output at the end of the page by clicking 'View Page Source'. Meanwhile, I will be updating some pages to be a little more 'human-readable'.

Outsources Repository

I have opened an outsource repository, which I will be pushing this week. I will add a new post when I am ready to push it. I think it will be interesting, it will also make more sense about the changes I have added to the package manager. The now empty repository, can be found here!

New Tarball

Finally, I have released a new tarball today, which can be obtained from the downloads page.

I am planning to add more of these update posts as I'm feeling better about the website structure overall.