Carbs Linux

kiss 2.0.0 and Overall Changes

posted on May 28, 2020

Carbs Linux kiss version 2.0.0 has been released which introduces rsync repositories.

Git is no longer a mandatory dependency for the package manager, every git source on the core repository has been replaced with https sources (sbase, sinit), and rootfs tarballs will no longer ship with git. Repositories in the upcoming tarball will be rsync repositories.

Git is now on the extra repository and is still (optionally) used in the package manager.

The idea behind this change is size reductions and increased speed with rsync. As I said on the previous post, git repositories get larger and larger over the time span. Currently my personal copy of the git repository is around 77MB and I have forked KISS Linux (as a shallow copy) around December. Obviously, I have commits that I ommitted. I tend to create commits I dislike, which I change with git reset --soft HEAD^, which doesn't actually remove the commits, etc. A user will have a repository much smaller than mine.

This is a precaution with the added bonuses of speed and dropping a mandatory dependency.

You can see the rest of the changelog here.

Binary Repositories

A few days ago, I have also published kiss-bin, a first version for managing binary repositories. Currently, there are some caveats that I'll be fixing along the way. I decided not to include this in the package manager natively as managing the source based and binary based packages together adds levels of complexity that we do not want. Instead, this is an extension for kiss which sources the package manager as a library. I hope to see it being adopted by others interested on the matter as well.