Carbs Linux

May 2021 News Post

posted on May 25, 2021

Welcome to May! It has been a rather quiet month, mostly dedicated to fixing some small bugs and working on some features.

Fossil support and new repository backend

In the previous news post I mentioned adding fossil support to the package manager. Fossil support is now merged to the trunk branch of the package manager, and I have completely rewritten the repository backend which has better performance and is easier to extend. There are still some changes to make, but the feature will be added in the 6.1.0 release.

Moving IRC channel

After the recent controversies surrounding Freenode, we have also switched to the new Libera IRC network. Since our previous logger globbot is also shutting down, I have set up an IRC logger powered by litterbox. The IRC logs can be found on The website includes both a searchable web interface, and plaintext dumps of daily logs. Even though the channel is low-volume, I think logging it is extremely important.

New i686 release

I have decided to make an i686 release last week because it was really outdated, but it will likely be the last one depending on its use on the few following months. If you are interested in keeping support for the architecture, feel free to join the IRC channel to let me know. Maintaining i686 isn't really much of a burdon on me, but there is no point in maintaining an architecture that isn't used by anyone.

Compared to the last month, there aren't much news, and there have been other things that I needed to attend to. I started writing this post on the 13th, and only had the time to finish it now!

See you on the next post!