Carbs Linux

January 2023 News Post

posted on Jan 31, 2023

Happy New Year everyone, and welcome to the first Carbs Linux "News Post" in nearly two years (wow that really is a long time). We have a couple of news that I want to discuss in detail, so I decided that it warrants a blog post on its own.

Bye bye,

Throughout the years I was already clear on my intentions to drop xorg support at one point, and in my opinion both Wayland and its support around it has matured enough to make the complete switch. I am currently writing this blog post on, as of yet unreleased, pure-GTK build of Emacs which does not depend on any X11 components.

Carbs Linux was first published on December 2019 with xorg support only, and had Wayland support since February 2021. This month, all xorg specific libraries, drivers, and utilities (except for xwayland) have been dropped from the repository. If you are currently an xorg user, you can read the Switching from Xorg section of the user manual. Feel free to jump on the IRC channel for requesting help.

CPT Version 7 Release

After almost a year of delay, I am happy to finally announce that the 7th major version of our package manager is released. You can learn more about the changes from the ChangeLog in the source repository. Some of the highlights include:

  • Package manager updates will be re-entrant from now on, meaning that you don't have to run cpt-update twice.
  • The new configuration directory is now available as /etc/cpt/ in order to not clutter the /etc/ directory.
  • Package manager hooks are now handled in a different manner.
  • cpt-size program can now sort the files based on size.

And many more changes and improvements along this one! Coming with this change, I will also be releasing a new rootfs tarball soon. Follow the news feed for more information.

See you on the next post!