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2.1.2 Changing Init Program

By default, Carbs Linux comes preinstalled with ‘busybox-init’, but this can easily be replaced without any issues. Currently, available init systems are:

This example is for runit, but it will work with all init systems packaged in the distribution repositories. See the ‘cpt-alternatives(1)’ manual page for more details.

cpt a runit /usr/bin/init
cpt a runit /usr/bin/poweroff
cpt a runit /usr/bin/reboot
  1. Rebooting after changing init

    After switching init systems, your running init system may not accept the new poweroff commands. You will need to reboot/poweroff using the running init’s utilities for the new utilities to work. These commands are for the init system currently running on your system and not the one you are switching to.

    busyboxbusybox reboot
    runitrunit-init 6
    shinit/sinitkill -s INT 1