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3.2 Contributing to the Community repository

The community repository is available for any user to submit packages. However, there are certain guidelines that the users are expected to follow before they submit packages.


Any submitted package should contain a ‘meta’ file that includes a short description of the package, the maintainer’s name and email address, and the license of the package. Below is an example:

description: some IRC client with some interesting feature
license: MIT
maintainer: Your Name <>

The order of these are not important. However, make sure to use the license identifiers as defined by SPDX when listing the license.


The user submitting the package is expected to maintain their packages. This means that they are keeping the packages up-to-date, and responding to issues related to the package.


If a maintainer doesn’t follow the above expectation for a duration of up to a month, their packages will be orphaned and can be adopted by a new maintainer. Maintainers can also request that their packages be orphaned. If the orphaned packages aren’t adopted by a new maintainer in a period of two weeks, these packages will be dropped from the repository.


Package submissions and updates should be submitted in the form of patches to the ~carbslinux/carbslinux-devel mailing list. The repository on Github is a read-only mirror, and Pull Requests will NOT be accepted.


Issues regarding community packages should be submitted to the ~carbslinux/carbslinux-discuss mailing list. When submitting issues, do not forget to add the maintainer as a recipient. You can easily find the maintainer information by running cpt-maintainer <pkg>.

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