1.2.1 Setting up repositories

Newest tarballs do not come with repositories, so you will need to manually obtain them, and set your ‘CPT_PATH’ environment variable. Carbs Linux repositories can either be obtained by ‘git’ or ‘rsync’. While rsync repositories are overall faster and smaller, git offers the whole history of the repository and a means to manipulate your repository as you like it. If you want to obtain the git repository, you will need to install ‘git’ itself.

The following guide will assume that you put the repositories into ‘~/repos/’ directory, but you can put the repositories into any directory you want. So go ahead and create that directory:

mkdir -p $HOME/repos
  1. Obtaining from git

    Carbs Linux git repositories can be found both from the main server and GitHub (mirror). Here are both their repository links. You can clone any of them.

    git clone git://git.carbslinux.org/repository $HOME/repos/carbs
  2. Obtaining from rsync

    Carbs Linux rsync repositories live in rsync://carbslinux.org/repo. In order to obtain it, run the following:

    rsync -avc rsync://vaylin.carbslinux.org/repo $HOME/repos/carbs
  3. Making the package manager use the repositories

    In your shell’s configuration file, or in your ‘~/.profile’ file, add the following lines:

    export CPT_PATH