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2.2.1 Wayland

Wayland is a modern display server protocol intended as a replacement for Xorg. Wayland has a much simpler architecture compared to X by its careful design and implementation. Users who want to use a Wayland compositor should follow this section.

  1. Enabling the Wayland repository

    The ‘wayland’ repository requires packages from ‘xorg’ and ‘extra’ repositories. So you should set your ‘$CPT_PATH’ so that ‘core’ and ‘extra’ repositories precede the ‘wayland’ repository, and the ‘xorg’ repository should come after ‘wayland’. Here is an example below, where ‘$REPOSITORY’ points to the root of your repository.

    export CPT_PATH

    After you have enabled your repositories, go ahead and install ‘wayland’ and ‘wayland-protocols’ packages.

    cpt-build wayland wayland-protocols
  2. Switching from Xorg

    If you are already an Xorg user, you will need to rebuild some packages so that they support ‘wayland’. If you don’t have an ‘xorg’ system, feel free to skip this step. The packages that need a rebuild are:

    • gtk+3
    • gtk4
    • mesa
    • xorg-server (for Xwayland support)
    • webkit2gtk
  3. TODO Installing a Compositor

    The ‘wayland’ repository currently only contains ‘sway’ as a Wayland compositor, but you can package something else for your own.