Carbs Linux

Feb 14, 2020

IMPORTANT! Carbs-init update to be released on 17th of February will require manual intervention. I am holding this update back so people can see it before they update their system (even though the update will show the same message as this). The rationale for the update is explained below the intervention.

# There is an explanation for each init You only need to follow the instructions
# for your own init-system

## busybox-init
# If you did not edit your inittab simply move to inittab
mv /etc/ /etc/inittab

# If you did edit your inittab you can use a simple sed command to remove the
# necessary lines
sed -i '/getty/d;/runsvdir/d' /etc/inittab

## runit
# same as busybox-init, if you did not edit /etc/runit/2 move to 2
mv /etc/runit/ /etc/runit/2

# else
vim /etc/runit/2
# open your 2 file and remove the for loop containing getty commands. If you are
# using runit, it is recommended to comment out /etc/init/runit.boot

## sinit/minit
# If you did not edit your {sinit-,}launch-services.boot you can simply remove
# it.
rm -f /etc/init/launch-services.boot /etc/init/sinit-launch-services.boot

# This should leave you without any issues, and you can safely reboot.

Carbs-init update is to make sure init systems do not clash, and do not have to use different files. This is a sensible update both for the user user and for the maintainer side.

To give an example, before this update busybox-init was managing getty through inittab, runit was managing through /etc/runit/2, and minit/sinit were launching from /etc/init/launch-services.boot. This is a configuration nightmare for everyone, and since I am maintaining and constantly testing those init providers, a huge nightmare for me. This is a Quality of Life update.